Why does it appear that I am being charged an extra £5?

When you place an order on KeshGo, we pre authorise your card with an extra £5 (or 10%, whichever is the greater) to cover any substitutes or additions. Any changes to the order are always discussed with you before hand so that you can approve, add to or cancel the order.


As soon as the order is completed, we immediately release the pre authorisation back to your bank, however, some customer’s banks take few days to update this pending transaction. Please note the pre authorization is not charged, only pre authorised.


This also means you must have at least the transaction value + £5 ( or 10%, whichever is the greater) for the transaction to be successful.


It is a similar system as used by Pay at Pump petrol stations.

Where do KeshGo Nisa Local deliver to?

Anywhere in Whittlesey. We’re currently trialling deliveries to Eastrea.

How much is delivery and click & collect?

Delivery is £1.99. There is no charge for our click and collect service.

Do you have a minimum order for home deliveries?

We have a minimum spend of £10.

What are the delivery and click & collect options?

Your shopping can be delivered or click and collected anytime between 8am and 9pm, everyday.

What can I order?

You can order almost everything we sell in the shop including our weekly offers and the freshly made food from Kesh’s Kitchen!

How do you deliver?

Adhering to the current social distancing guidelines where we will deliver your shopping to your front door. Our primary vehicle is our KeshGO branded electric van, but you may receive deliveries from other vehicles at busy times.

How can I click & collect?

With our click and collect service please arrive at the store after you’ve received an email stating it is ready and call the store on 01733203267 and we’ll bring your shopping out to you.

When do you release delivery slots?

No need to wait for a delivery slot. While we offer them, we prefer to deliver as soon as possible.

How will my order be packaged?

Orders will be in carrier bags in side a tray. We ask customers to lift the carriers bags from the tray, avoid touching the tray and leave the tray in situ for the driver to pick up once you’ve collected your bags. We’re also trialling using cardboard boxes which we hope you would recycle.

How do I cancel my delivery?

The orders are charged as soon as they are picked. If there are substituions or out of stocks, customers are given the opportunity to cancel part or the whole order when they are called. If you can’t receive the delivery, please call us as soon as possible to let us know. You can reject a delivery and we’ll process a refund.

Can I amend my order?

If you need to amend a placed order, we can remove items or add them to your order (upto £5) over the phone; but only if picking is not complete.

What happens if an item isn’t in stock?

Our website is in sync with our till systems and will automatically be updated to show what items we have in stock and will show on the website when you book your order. If the item happens to be out of stock you will not be charged for this item and you should be called to ask if you would like an alternative or would like to cancel the order altogether.

What should I do if an item I ordered is missing?

If you are missing an item, you ordered please contact 01733 203267 or send an email to contact@keshgo.co.uk

What if one of my items is damaged?

If you have an item that is damaged please let the delivery driver know so they can bring this back to store. If you don’t realise you have a damaged item until after the delivery driver has left your home, please contact 01733 203267 or send an email to contact@keshgo.co.uk

How do I complain?

Please contact 01733 203267 or send an email to contact@keshgo.co.uk this is a new service we are offering here at Nisa Local and are grateful for your feedback good or bad so we can improve our service and customer experience.